Our Team

Michele Turner - Executive Director

Michele is the Executive Director of World Learning Europe. She brings notable senior leadership experience in international development specialising in complex educational and capacity building programmes in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Growing up in a small mining town in the north of England, Michele felt as a child her life was effectively "mapped out." She draws inspiration from her own story of having thrown off those expectations and spent her adult life living and working around the world to fight prescriptive existence for marginalised communities.  Michele joined World Learning Europe in July 2015.

The rest of our team

Carol Jenkins - Director

In addition to her role as a Board Director for World Learning Europe, Carol is the President of World Learning’s global development and exchange programs, where she oversees nearly 60 programs in 24 countries. Carol joined World Learning in June 2007 as senior director of international programs after a 16-year career in humanitarian aid and development.

Kote Lomidze - Director

In addition to his role as a Board Director for World Learning Europe, Kote is the Senior Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at World Learning Inc., overseeing all global financial and information technology operations and activities. He originally joined World Learning in 2009 as finance director for international development and exchange programs and then deputy CFO.

Tracy Badham - Director

Tracy works as the Social Responsibility Advisor for North Africa and the UK at Anadarko. Her core focus includes managing and organising the Social Responsibility Projects for the UK and North Africa cultivating and enhancing the company reputation within the local communities where it invests. She applies relevant international and local laws including FCPA regulations and the UK bribery act, in accordance with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation policy.

Malcolm Quigley - Director

Malcolm has worked in the field of international development since 2002, and prior to that, in the public and private sector. He specialises in business development strategy and implementation, proposal and program design and management.  He also has wide ranging experience in non-profit governance, programme communications, advocacy strategies and fundraising programmes for small and large NGOs. Malcolm has extensive experience managing programmes and donor relations in complex contexts across Africa and Asia. He is currently based in Washington DC within PSI’s Maverick Collective, an innovations lab that works with highly engaged philanthropists to pilot new approaches to ending poverty for women and girls.

Alexander Knapp - Company Secretary

Alexander has twenty years of experience working with the world’s wicked problems in international relations and business. A veteran of twelve years of United Nations peacekeeping and reconstruction, and building on a decade of freelance consulting experience, Alexander has worked with numerous governments, international organisations, multinational corporations and non-governmental organisations.

Kyle Taylor - Strategic Advisor

Kyle Taylor brings with him ten years of cross-sector, multi-continent experience. Having started in Washington, DC with global NGO Ashoka: Innovators for the public, his personal nomadic tendencies led him to professional positions with governments and in both the private and citizen sectors in Asia, Australia and Belgium before stopping for an extended stint in London, where he most recently served as Chief of Staff to a Minister of State for Justice. Along the way he has acquired two bachelor's degrees and a Master's degree from the London School of Economics in International Politics and Communication.