World Learning Europe is part of the World Learning family, an 85-year old organisation which is both an accredited academic institution founded on the principles of immersion, inclusion, mutual understanding and respect and an international NGO working in more than 100 countries in education, global development and exchange.

In 2015 World Learning Europe was established in London by World Learning as a social enterprise to build on a shared mission to create the change necessary for a more equal, prosperous and peaceful world.

Both organisations believe that education is the driving force behind positive, sustainable development and work through local organisations and institutions who support marginalised people, particularly women and girls, to tackle their development issues.  This often includes being excluded from quality education, from making a decent living and being part of the decision making processes that affect their lives.

Being affiliated to World Learning means that we can access long and short term European development specialists and World Learning’s extensive institutional experience, tools and practices. So World Learning Europe is proud to support World Learning on their flagship programmes: supporting teachers to develop refugee children-centred learning approaches in Lebanon; working with civil society activists to build vibrant democracies in Myanmar or narrowing the employment gap in Pakistan – helping young women access the hard and soft skills they need to find relevant jobs.

Wherever we work, inclusion is at the heart of everything we do and we work with each other and our local partners so that every person in our organisation and programmes can find their voice, transform, and become the best version of themselves.

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