How we work

World Learning works globally to enhance the capacity and commitment of individuals, institutions, and communities to create a more peaceful and just world through education, sustainable development, and exchange.

We have the drive and energy of an entreprenural start-up with the heart of a charity. Our passion embraces inclusive international development. Our teams make a real change on the ground, and we work with our partners to change policy at the highest levels. We work from grassroots to government level in the countries where we know we can have the most impact.

We believe every penny should be used for social good. That’s why World Learning Europe is set up as a non-profit social enterprise. This means every penny we make goes straight to our cause, creating a peaceful, prosperous and fairer world.

We don’t rely solely on government grants or fundraising from individuals, nor do we make profits for shareholders.

We are a focused team, with long-standing experience in international development. Our difference lies in the fact that we are a non-profit social enterprise. This means:

  • We don’t rely solely on government grants or contracts so we are able retain our independence.
  • We don’t have shareholders or owners for profit, meaning we can focus our efforts on managing our resources and using our income for social good.
  • We rely on a focused, scalable teams of experienced staff, meaning we are cost effective and agile. Because we work through local partners we are able to focus our resources on our development programmes, not on our admin or costly infrastructure.